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Paint Can and Brush


Ian was raised to learn the landscape of the painting business from his father and Founder of Piper Painting, Alexander Fraser. In 1977, Ian joined his father as a Partner in the business and ever since, has been dedicated to excellence and customer service. Ian collaborates with various clientele, including homeowners, general contractors, commercial businesses, interior decorators, colorists and architects. He maintains a high performing team which shares the core values and standards of the company. His attention to detail and premier quality work ensures an end result that meets and surpasses clients’ expectations.


The Painting Team at Piper Painting Co. is committed to delivering excellence. With decades of experience, our highly-skilled team is especially curated to exceed all your painting and design needs. Along with our Founder, we have professionally serviced the Bay Area for the past 50 years, completing projects on-time and within-budget. Not only does our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding painting and design, but we're also a team you can trust - which is vital when it comes to your home or business. Call us or submit an inquiry below to receive a quote. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you and look forward to meeting you soon!

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